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Let others tell about me.

If you haven't encountered them, create your own story.

I can only say this; I do whatever I am doing with love and joy and you can feel it easily.

Erman Ezgin

Trainer, Teacher, Healer, Founder

Yes, I have documents and titles approved by the government regarding my work.
Yoga trainer, Former Head of Yoga Federation Istanbul Branch, Yoga Federation Former Trainer of Teacher Trainings, Dance Trainer, Dance Judge, Choreographer and some more. . .

So does everyone with the same documents do everything the same?

You know the answer.

Documentation is the need of government agencies and this makes sense for them.

My words can be meaningful, however, you can only tell whether they are transformative or not by experiencing them yourself.

When did you accomplish the things you would do when appropriate? You know as well as I do that procrastination doesn't work.Let's do it body. Let's contact now. 


Workout anywhere, anytime

There is a says;

While the wise person thinks, the madman  crosses the bridge.

As you read these lines, some people cross the bridge and you still follow them from the opposite side.

I can see you are still thinking.

What did I just say to you :))

Pls. call me right now!


Get Inspired by the Right People





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